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We make it easy! Every hybrid battery installed by Hybrid2Go comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you experience another hybrid battery failure while you own the vehicle we’ll come out and fix it for free!

How It Works

Our lifetime warranty is for you! If you choose to sell your car in the future the warranty does not transfer to the next owner. However, if you sell your car within 1 year of installation we will honor a 1 year replacement warranty to the next owner as a courtesy.

Warranty Request Terms

For warranty assistance please call Hybrid2go warranty support at (818) 472-1940
Warranty claims must be supported by diagnostic trouble codes. These codes must be
obtained with a code scanner. If you choose to use an auto repair facility to scan your
codes Hybrid2Go is not responsible and will not reimburse any expenses, fees or charges
related to such a service. Most auto parts stores will provide code scanning services at no
cost. Hybrid2Go recommends you have your codes scanned for free at your local auto
parts retailer. Photos of codes must be provided for warranty requests.

Once you have the trouble codes read by an auto parts store (etc):

  1. Take a picture of the scanned codes and submit photo(s) to Hybrid2Go.
  2. If you have the vehicle diagnosed the following information must be provided
    by the repair shop or dealership:
    ● Diagnostic trouble codes for the Hybrid Control ECU
    ● Diagnostic trouble codes for the Engine Control ECU
    ● Diagnostic trouble codes for the Hybrid Battery ECU

The service of scanning vehicles for codes can be obtained for free as described above at
most major auto parts retail stores. Hybrid2Go does not pay for any diagnostic costs or
fees charged to you by any repair facility to scan your vehicle for codes.
Warranty will be made null and void if the battery is removed, a repair is attempted, or
reinstalled by any outside repair facility, licensed contractor, or individual who is not a
Hybrid2Go employee.

If the battery is found to be defective in workmanship, installation, or material by
Hybrid2Go we will replace the hybrid battery free of charge. Once the vehicle has been
diagnosed with a hybrid battery failure and we review the diagnostic information to
confirm the failure.

Warranty becomes null and void if the vehicle is totaled in an accident or otherwise
written-off. Fire, flooding or other damaging incidents in which the battery’s
environment is compromised. Vehicle conditions may cause early failure.

Warranty is NOT transferable to any other vehicle except where required by law. This
means the warranty only applies to the purchased battery in the original vehicle. This
warranty becomes null and void if you install the battery in a different vehicle other than
the original vehicle.

Warranty will be excluded if any of the following items are found:

-Batteries installed in vehicles that are stored for a period of thirty (30) days or more.

-Any removal, tampering, or damage to the hybrid battery.

-Any installations conducted by individuals or businesses that are not Hybrid2Go

-Your dead battery is required by us to complete the service.

-Any modification or bypass of vehicle systems not in congruence with manufacturer

-There will be no refunds for installed batteries.

-We do not service any vehicles outside of California, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.

-Improper vehicle maintenance – including engine failure to start or poor engine power
conditions which discharge the hybrid battery due to the engine failing to start or
properly run.

-If you’re an auto shop the warranty needs to be put in the customers name and not the
Auto shop – failure to do so will void the warranty.

-If you’re a dealership the warranty needs to be put into the name of the buyer upon sale
otherwise the warranty will become void.

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